Saturday, November 26, 2011

My holiday wishlist disguised as gift suggestions

 Are You Considered
a Grinch?
A Scrooge?
or (Even Worse)
An Old House "Nut"?

Send this to Your Nemesis:

Top 10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas
(not just) for Old House Lovers

For some reason I've never understood,* most owners of old houses have a reputation for being, to put it gently, difficult to buy gifts for. As one of those so-called "old house nuts" who has been tagged as "impossible to shop for," I feel compelled to set the record straight and help the friends and families of others who are crazy about (a) their house, especially but not necessarily if it is a historic home and/or (b) antiques and/or (c) garbage picking and/or (d) obsessive attention to detail find out how easy (and affordably) we really are to please. (Links for c and d are provided in case you need a context for this classification.)

See the list, vote for your favorite idea or add your own.

(*And if you have any ideas why folks dread gift shopping for us old house lovers, please let me know.)

Thank you and have a happy, peaceful holiday season!

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