Friday, March 1, 2013

Speaking of Ghosts...

A Ghostly Encounter?

For the past several years, as part of Winterfest, the Homer NY historian, Martin Sweeney, has given a "ghost tour" around the town, telling stories of supposed hauntings at the site of a former cemetery, an unsolved murder from over 150 years ago, and other eerie sightings and reports. I always found it entertaining and enjoyed the history of these events but was more than skeptical when it came to believing in ghosts. Then, in February of this year, I joined one of the tours again. When the group stopped in front of the Homer town hall, I climbed the steps to take a picture of the group and when I looked at the screen on my camera after snapping the photo, on a clear cold night, this is what I saw:

You can draw your own conclusions but those who investigate the paranormal were intrigued, to say the least, with the spectral image(s). As for me, I still have goose bumps...

Feel free to weigh in with your opinons.

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