Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Working with Bosporus Toile: One of the most popular fabrics for home decorating

Although we generally avoid fabrics made to look old an worn in historic interior decorating (more about that another time), we have had so many requests for advice using the Bosporus Toile pattern that we have worked up still more sample boards using that design. Usually a linen blend, this design has been offered by several fabric companies and is available in a range of colorways.

We do not mean to suggest that you use all of the fabrics in each example. The multiple groupings are to give you a variety of choices. Select two or three to start and then add another if you would like.

If you missed our earlier series on coordinating fabrics, it starts here. (The contest is closed but we are open to questions and although we can't answer them individually, we do try to address themes from your letters in this blog. By submitting your questions and photos, you are giving us permission to use them here at our discretion.)

Fabrics shown on Sample Boards are from Restoration Fabrics & Trims. 

Photos are copyrighted 2014 by Restoration Fabrics & Trims. All rights reserved. 
They may not be used or reproduced without written permission.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Coordinating Fabric Boards as Promised.

A few of you will recognize the inspiration fabric you sent a photo of for our earlier contest. Here are some combinations we've put together using more of the entries from our "How to mix fabrics" series. This set focuses on color combinations with browns, since fabrics with browns and taupes were the most frequently submitted. From time to time we will post more fabric mixes and color combos. Other than fabrics you sent pictures of, the rest (of course)are from Restoration Fabrics and Trims.