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Historic, Vintage & Reproduction Home Decorating Fabrics Glossary

A Musically & Otherwise Punctuated

Glossary of Textile Terms

If Walls Could Talk

A Brief History of Wallpaper in Home Decor

Top 10 Interior Decorating Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

How to Transform Inferior Decorating: Identifying and Correcting Decorating Mistakes

How to Hang Pictures (and Other Stuff) on Your Walls

How to Hang Pictures, Mirrors, and Other Decorative Objects 


How to Solve 11 Common Decorating Problems with Color and Pattern

Professional Designer's Tricks to Fix 10 plus 1 Common Interior Decorating Problems


How to Use Fabric as a Wall Covering

How to Apply Fabric as a (Removable) Wallcovering Using Starch

Color Your World: How to Choose and Use Color in Your Home


The Background and History of Art Nouveau


How Joseph Jacquard's Invention Revolutionized Fabrics, Interior Design, and Technology

FABRIC: Are Natural or Synthetic Fibers Better?

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabrics Made With Natural vs Synthetic Fibers


Is Blue Your Favorite Color? How to Use it in Your Home's Decor



Decorating for Chocolate Lovers

Using Delicious Shades of Brown in Your Decor


Using Yellow and Gold in Home Decor

Warm Up Your Decorating Scheme with Yellow

Using Red (The Color of Love) in Home Decor

Scarlett Fever: Interior Decorating For Lovers of the Color Red 


The Green Room: Using Greens in Home Decor 

Means More Than Bringing The Outside In

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